Welcome from the Director

dr mor
Gil G. Mor, M.D., Ph.D, Director

Welcome to the C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development, an internationally known research center established to promote research training relating to women's and children's health with focus on reproductive biology, immunology, oncology, toxicology and prenatal medicine.  Our scientists are shaping the understanding of how human being's health is molded even before the fetus begins to grow.  We integrate basic, translational and clinical research with the purpose of improving women's health. We have the infrastructure in place to actively contribute to the community as the leading translational center for women's health.

The Mott Center has championed a life-span perspective to reproductive health and an ecological approach to growth, development and well-being. We recognize our responsibility to engage our unique urban environment as we approach reproductive life sciences from bench to bedside  and into the community. We are about breaking down barriers and unifying the necessary technologies with expert physician-scientists and the patients we serve. 
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