Condon lab members

Sicily Garvin, MD

REI Fellow 

Brian Wesseling

Brian Wesseling: Lab Manager and Senior Lab Technician

Brian is an industry veteran with over twenty years of extensive experience in all areas of biochemistry laboratory operations and procedures, quality assurance techniques, developmental processes and analytical instrumentation methodology. Hands on experience in assay development, quality control, tissue culture, use of radio isotopes and work with laboratory animals. Working knowledge of: FDA, ISO, cGMP and GLP protocols. Brian Wesseling has worked for over 10 years as an R & D Scientist at Cayman Chemical Co. in Ann Arbor, Michigan. During that time he was responsible for developing assay kits in the fields of metabolism, eicosanoids, epigenetics, oxidative stress, diabetes, and cancer. Brian is currently investigating the functional releavnce of circulating chaperones with respect to gestationa lenth utilizing an in vivo mouse model.

Arren Simpson: Research Assistant

Arren joined my lab as a scholar in the ReBUILDetroit program, which strives to increase diversity in the biomedical sciences by exposing underrepresented undergraduate students to research and immersing them in the science world. Arren as a part of this program, presented her research at various conferences, one of the most impactful conferences being the Annual Biomedical Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS); which solidified her goal to become a physician-scientist. Arren is currently working in the lab as a research assistant and will be applying for MD/PhD programs in 2020. Arren is currently identifiying the protective role of preconditioning in vivo and isolating the mechansism associated with proparagtion fo these protective signals.

Soha Sohail: Undergraduate Student

Soha Sohail is a sophomore at WSU under the UROPConnect program. UROPConnect supports undergraduate participation in research and creative activity across the campus. UROPConnect includes profiles for Wayne State University faculty members with information about their research interests as well as a listing of posted openings for undergraduates on research projects. She is majoring in public Health with a minor in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology. She is planning to apply to medical school her Junior year of college. She is interested in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is interested in staying in the Detroit area because she enjoys the city patient population. Currently Soha is being trained in basic molecular biology techniques.

Akhteyar Jaeran: Undergraduate Student

Akhteyar is a sophomore at Detroit Mercy under the ReBUILD Detroit program. “ReBUILD is an NIH-funded undergraduate program that’s goal is to increase the number of underrepresented students interested in Biomedical research. The scholars participating in the program come from a variety of different backgrounds, however with similar goals in mind. Akhteyar is currently majoring in Biochemistry and is planning to apply for medical school in 2022. Akhteyar is interested in pursuing a career involved with Obstetrics and Gynecology. Currently Akhteyar is examining whether a stressed monocyte (inflammatory cell) can also communicate with a naïve uterine myocyte utilizing a monocyte-derived secretome.