Coronavirus Updates

2020.4.8 - Wuhan-Detroit Obstetrics: Pregnancy and COVID-19 

2020.3.25 - Wuhan-Detroit Obstetrics: COVID-19 Collaborative Call

  • Read 2020.3.25 Wuhan-Detroit COVID-19 Collaborative Conference Call transcript

    0:00-7:48 - Introduction

    7:48-27:58 - Prof. ZHENG Xin Management and Monitoring of COVID-19 Cases in Wuhan

    27:59 - Q&A Session Starts

    27:59-33:42 - Prof. ZHENG Xin answers questions on hydroxychloroquine (prophylaxis); steroids and immune modulators; serum ferritin and IL6 regarding cytokine storm

    34:59-44:44 Prof. QI Hong answers questions on hypoxemic respiratory failure on day 4-5 for high PEEP; tracheostomy; ECMO patients; predictors for ICU admission, mortality

    44:45-50:53 - Prof. ZHAO Lei answers questions on relapse or reinfection; increased risk on ACEi/ARB or NSAIDs; hydroxychloroquine azithromycin combination; performing echocardiograms

    51:41-57:14 - Dr. WANG Baoju answers question on post-exposure prophylaxis with plaquenil/azithromycin at onset of positive PCR

    58:00-1:04:52 - Dr. LIU Jia answers questions about contagion following recovery; when individuals with mild disease and COVID+ test can return to work; best practices for N95 masks

    1:04:53-1:15:10 - Dr. WANG Xiaorong answers questions about clinical detrioration in patients with pulmonary infiltrates; autopsy pathologic correlation; pulmonary vasodilators to improve oxygenation in mechanically ventilated patients

    1:15:11-1:18:45 - Dr. WU Jun answers questions on building COVID hospitals thresholds; asymptomatic transmission cases medications; community testing

    1:18:46-1:24:57 - Mr. FAN Yunzhou answers question of preventing spread to families

    1:24:57 - Open Discussion and Final Questions



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