International Women Health Research Program

Wayne State University Medical School and Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Purpose and Intent

The Mott Center at Wayne State University and the Institute of Reproductive Health of Tongji Medical College at Huazhong University of Science and Technology will serve as the funding centers for the establishment of the International Women Health Research Program.

The objectives of the International Women Health Research Program are to improve the treatment and care of women health with a focus on reproduction and cancer.

Maternal mortality, pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia and recurrent abortions, gynecologic cancers, infertility are still major global problems that can only be improved by international collaborations.  Furthermore, the reproductive aspects of a women  have a major impact on her health with implications not only on the mother but the offsprings. 

The International Women Health Research Program will achieve its objectives by enhancing the education of health providers, investigators, students and general public.

The program only can be successful by Improving the education of physicians and researchers involved in multiple aspects of women health, training investigators to develop novel approaches for diagnosis and treatment; and by educating the general population on the complex aspects related to reproduction and women health . 

  1. Education:

Exchange programs:  The Program will coordinate exchange programs facilitating the visit of trainees, physicians and scientist to the participating institutions. 

Internship Program:  Physicians selected for the program are trained in the design and conduct of clinical and translational research in a 12-month (minimum 10-month) program at the WSU School of Medicine.

Postdoctoral training: The program will encourage and support the training of post-doctoral fellows for a period of two years. 

Lecture Series: The Program will coordinate the exchange of speakers for seminars at the participating institutions.  

  1. Research

The program will promote the scientific collaboration between the participating institutions.  The objective is to establish active research projects in basic science as well as clinical trials. 

Each of the projects will be coordinated by representatives from the two institutions.   

Research space will be organized at the participating institutions with the purpose of facilitate the ongoing collaborative projects.


Prof. Gil Mor. Mott Center for Human Development, Wayne State University.

Prof. Aihau Liao. Center for Reproductive Medicine Tongji Medical College

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Summary of the ongoing research collaboration:

The ongoing collaboration will serve as foundation for the establishment of the Program.


  1. Teaching: Three courses on Reproductive Immunology and one in Ovarian cancer
  2. Mentorship: Eleven Students in Wuhan (Mei Tian, Zhaozhao Liu, Yonghong Zhang, Liling Wang, Jinlu Ji, Xiaohui Hu, Hong Liu, Lina Ma, Xiaobo Huang, Patrick Muyayalo, Zhihui Li) and two trained in the US (Yonhong Zhang and Candy Ding)
  3. Publications:  8 publications, 1 accepted and 2 in preparation (Yonghong and Patrick's papers)
  4. Grants: One has been funded [Title: The mechanism of Tim-3+Treg cells accumulating at the maternal-fetal interface and regulating the immune tolerance, supported by NSFC (No. 81871186)]; one under peer review (Title: Mechanism and intervention of negative costimulatory molecule network by regulating decidual Treg cells in maternal-fetal immune tolerance and related pregnancy diseases)
  5. Held joint meeting: 1th International Symposium for Reproductive Immunology and Genetics (May 18, 2017)

List of Co-published papers with Dr. Gil Mor

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