Jiahui Ding Lab

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Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Wayne State University; Member, American Society of Reproductive Immunology

Research Overview:

Dr. Ding research overview diagram

Dr. Ding received her MD from Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and PhD in Reproductive Science from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. She joined Dr. Gil Mor’s laboratory at the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at Yale School of Medicine for the postgraduate training and post-doctoral fellowship and focused her work in reproductive immunology.

Dr. Ding’s Research Focuses In:

1) Studying the effect of air pollution (benzene) or viral infection (Zika, HSV2, MHV68) on placenta function and fetal immune system.
2) Delineating the sex dimorphism of placenta to understand the differential response of female and male placenta to stimulus.
3) Understanding the contribution of placenta hemopoietic stem cell to fetal immune system development.
4) Identifying the effective compounds in traditional Chinese medicine which can promote embryo implantation.


Dr Ding’s research project, titled “Impact of maternal benzene exposure on fetal lung immune adaptation”, has received funding through the CURES Pilot Project initiative, effective from August 2nd, 2023.

Recent Publications:

• Yuan You, Esteban Grasso, Ayesha Alvero, Jennifer Condon, Tanya Dimova, Anna Hu, Jiahui Ding, Marina Alexandrova, Diana Manchorova, Violeta Dimitrova, Aihua Liao, Gil Mor. Twist1-IRF9 interaction is necessary for IFN-stimulated gene anti-Zika viral infection. The Journal of Immunology 2023; 210; page 1899-1912.

• Anthony Maxwell, Nicholas Adzibolosu, Anna Hu, Yuan You, Paul M Stemmer, Douglas M Ruden, Michael C Petriello, Marianna Sadagurski, Lucas K Debarba, Lisa Koshko, Jayanth Ramadoss, Annie Thy Nguyen, Darby Richards, Aihua Liao, Gil Mor, Jiahui Ding. Intrinsic sexual dimorphism in the placenta determines the differential response to benzene exposure. iScience. 2023 April; 26.

• Zhao Yang, Katherine Roth, Jiahui Ding, Christopher D Kassotis, Gil Mor, Michael C Petriello. Exposure to a mixture of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances modulates pulmonary expression of ACE2 and circulating hormones and cytokines. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 2022; 456; page 116284.

Jiahui Ding, Anthony Maxwell, Nicholas Adzibolosu, Anna Hu, Yuan You, Aihua Liao, Gil Mor. Mechanisms of immune regulation by the placenta: Role of type I interferon and interferon-stimulated genes signaling during pregnancy. Immunological Review 2022; page 9-24.

Jiahui Ding, Paulomi Aldo, Cai M. Roberts, Paul Stabach, Hong Liu, Yuan You, Xuemin Qiu, Jiwon Jeong, Anthony Maxwell, Brett Lindenbach, Demetrios Braddock, Aihua Liao, Gil Mor. Placenta-derived interferon-stimulated gene 20 controls ZIKA virus infection. EMBO Reports 2021; e52450


Email: candy.ding@wayne.edu
Phone: 313-577-5071
Address: The C.S. Mott Center, Room 305, 275 E Hancock Avenue, Detroit MI 48201