Our mission

Our Mission

An internationally known research center based within the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Wayne State University School of Medicine, the C.S. Mott Center will advance research and promote research training relating to women's  and children's health with a focus on reproductive biology, immunology, oncology, toxicology and prenatal medicine. 


Our Vision

The C.S. Mott Center will promote a personalized approach to medical treatment and care that will improve health outcomes for women and children in Detroit and around the world.


Our Objectives

We will utilize the established research and clinical infrastructure to integrate knowledge, bring together all aspects of women's health, and develop translational modalities that can improve wellbeing for women and children throughout their lifetimes. 

We will champion a life-span perspective to reproductive health and an ecological approach to growth, development and well-being. 

We will engage our unique urban environment as we approach reproductive life sciences from bench to bedside and into the community.