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Congratulations to Savni Sawant for her new publication! 

Entitled “Associations between Sperm Epigenetic Age and Semen Parameters: An Evaluation of Clinical and Non-Clinical Cohorts”

Savni Sawant, Oladele A. Oluwayiose, Karolina Nowak, DruAnne L. Maxwell, Emily Houle, Amanda L. Paskavitz, Hachem Saddiki, Ricardo P. Bertolla, and J. Richard Pilsner

Current Issues in Molecular Biology 46, no. 2: 1567-1578. https://doi.org/10.3390/cimb46020101

Congratulations to Dr. Rodriguez-Garcia for her new grant!

Entitled “Identification of Protective Innate Immune Memory Responses Against HIV Acquisition in the Human Female Genital Tract”

To prevent HIV acquisition in women and enable medical advances, the defense mechanisms that protect the female genital tract (FGT) from HIV infection need to be identified. This proposed research will investigate defense mechanisms that exist in genital dendritic cells and neutrophils. The identification of a new form protection against HIV in the FGT will open new pathways for the development of HIV prevention strategies for women.

Congratulations to Dr. Pilsner for their new R01 grant!

Entitled “Sperm mitochondrial biomarkers and male reproductive health” from NICHD. This is a five year award 2024-2029.

Male factor infertility is responsible in as much as 50% of cases of couple infertility, and has been observed to represent an early life predictor of later life disease risk. Conventional semen paramter analysis remains the most prevalent diagnostic tool for assessing male infertility, but semen parameters – as proxies for true biological measures of sperm function – poorly predict male infertility and reproductive success. This proposed research builds on exciting preliminary data suggesting sperm mitochondrial DNA as novel biomarkers that directly measure sperm fitness and holds promise to improve our understanding of the etiology of male reproductive health and take a critical step toward developing interventions for male sub-and infertility.
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Upcoming Events

Discovery to Cure Summer Internship Program

June 24 - August 16, 2024


At the C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development, the Discovery to Cure program provides a unique platform for students and teachers to have a direct experience in biological, cellular and molecular research. Mentored by national and international leaders in the field, program participants complete projects on topics such as: Infertility, Cancer, Environmental Impact, Genomics, and Pregnancy.

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