Reactivating Immune Surveillance in Ovarian Cancer

Publication: Transimmunization restores immune surveillance and prevents recurrence in a syngeneic mouse model of ovarian cancer.

Alvero AB, Hanlon D, Pitruzzello M, Filler R, Robinson E, Sobolev O, Tedja R, Ventura A, Bosenberg M, Han P, Edelson RL, Mor G.Oncoimmunology. 2020 May 13;9(1):1758869. doi: 10.1080/2162402X.2020.1758869.PMID: 32566387

In the recent publication of Dr. Alvero’s group they described the establishment of a syngeneic mouse model of recurrent ovarian cancer and demonstrated the efficacy of Transimmunization, a dendritic cell vaccination strategy, in the prevention of recurrent disease. The model provides an in vivo platform, which allows immunotherapeutic interventions in a time course relevant to human carcinomatosis and disease course. The demonstration that Transimmunization, given as a single therapy, can elicit an effective anti-tumor immune response and inhibit immune-suppressive crosstalks with sufficient power to curtail carcinomatosis and recurrent disease demonstrate the value of Transimmunization in the management of ovarian cancer and other intra-peritoneal tumors. The ability to add an effective immunotherapy regimen in the management and care of ovarian cancer patients would have a significant impact on patient survival. 

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