Ovarian Cancer Interest Group


The Ovarian Cancer Interest Group is a working group of basic scientists, clinicians, and trainees from Wayne State University, Henry Ford Health System, and Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute with an interest in ovarian cancer research.

Mission statement

The Ovarian Cancer Interest Group was formed to bring together investigators with divergent areas of expertise and to provide a forum for "outside the box" discussions toward better understanding of ovarian cancer pathobiology and therapy. The group includes clinicians with robust experience in clinical trials, pathologists, and basic science researchers with interests in immunology, cancer metabolism, signaling pathways, and therapeutics.  Through regular meetings and informal discussions, the group will share disease models, methods, and ideas, thus fostering communication, leading to new research collaborations and funding opportunities. An overriding objective of this group is to translate laboratory findings to the clinic, in order to improve survival of patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Immunology Group 

Metabolism Group 

Therapeutics and Drug Delivery

Biomarkers and Early Detection


October 6 - Dr. Julie Boerner

November 3 - Drs. Gogoi and Wallbillich

December 1 - Dr. Saed