Recanati Lab Research and Publications

Clinical Trials

  • Effect of Steroid Administration on Maternal Blood Levels of hLPCAT1 mRNA, Detroit Medical Center, PI (2018). (NIH-Clinical Trials: NCT03562182)
  • Cantharidine vs Trichloroacetic acid for genital wart treatment, St. Vincents Catholic Medical Centers, Resident Investigator (2009). Co-PI: Dr. John Maggio (NIH-Clinical Trials: NCT03625960)
  • Norethindrone for the Delay of Menstruation, St. Vincents Catholic Medical Centers, Resident Investigator (2008). Co-PI: Dr. John Maggio. (NIH-Clinical Trials: NCT03594604)


  • Recanati MA, Kramer KJ,Ozbeki A, Kelly R, Kaur S, Croft M, Kuuttila W, Bonucci T, Vanerian C, Telekar A, Integrated Intracorportial Laperoscope Cleaner, Provisional US Patent, January 2020.
  • Recanati MA, Kramer KJ, Berman JM, Ozbeki A, Pierick JM, Lee J, Ghazala A, Shah U, Contos G,  Atraumatic Tenaculum for Facilitation of Transcervical Procedures. Provisional US Patent, January 2019.
  • Huttemann M, Recanati MA, Sanderson TH, Light Therapy for Treatment of Tissue Adhesions. Provisional US Patent, October 2018.
  • Recanati MA, Ozbeki A, Carney J, Chakravarty A, Norwicki A, Von Mach A, Dudick S, Kramer KJ, Vaginal speculum with sidewall retraction, Provisional US Patent 62/, Jun 2017
  • Recanati MA, Welch RA, Huttemann, M, Draghici, S, Kramer KJ, Prokurat K, Atraumatic fetal scalp sensor for electronic fetal heart, temperature and tocometric monitoring, Provisional US Patent 62/509,728, May 2017
  • Recanati MA, Ozbeki A, Tamakuwala S, Kramer KJ, Cable, Wire and Tube Organizer for Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic Surgery,  US Patent 10,433,926 B2, October 2019
  • Recanati MA, Organizer and Tote Bag for Use in an Airplane, US Patent Application US20070228097A1 (1997)
  • Recanati MA, U.S. Patent number 5,361,956, A Device for Carrying Objects with Handles, November 1994.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Kalpage HA, Wan J, Morse PT, Zurek MP, Turner AA, Khobeir A, Yazdi N, Hakim L, Liu J, Vaishnav A, Sanderson TH, Recanati MA, Grossman LI, Lee I, Edwards BFP, Hüttemann M., Cytochrome c phosphorylation: Control of mitochondrial electron transport chain flux and apoptosis, Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2020 Feb 2:105704.
  • Wan J, Kalpage HA, Vaishnav A, Liu J, Lee I, Mahapatra G, Turner AA, Zurek MP, Ji Q, Moraes CT, Recanati MA, Grossman LI, Salomon AR, Edwards BFP, Hüttemann M, Regulation of Respiration and Apoptosis by Cytochrome c Threonine 58 Phosphorylation, Sci Rep. 2019 Nov 1;9(1):15815.
  • Kalpage. HA, Vaishnav A, Liu J, Varughese A, Wan J, Turner AA, Ji Q, Zurek MP, Kapralov AA, Kagan VE, Brunzelle JS, Recanati MA, Grossmman LI, Sanderson TH, Lee I, Salomon. AR, Edwards BFP, Huttemann M. Serine-47 phosphorylation of cytochrome c in mammalian brain regulates cytochrome c. oxidase and caspase-3 activity, FASEB J. 2019 Sep 28:fj201901120R.
  • Aras, S., Minchella, P., Welch, K. C., Patek, K. D., Welch, R. A., & Recanati, M.-A. Maternal Plasma Lysophospholipid Acyltransferase 1 Protein Levels Correlate With Fetal Lung Maturity [31F]. Obstetrics & Gynecology, 133, 70S. 2019.
  • Recanati, M.-A., Kramer, K., Rambhatla, A., Berman, J. M., & Huttemann, M.. Prevention of Postoperative Adhesion Formation Using Noninvasive Technology [38F]. Obstetrics & Gynecology, 133, 72S. 2019.
  • Kalpage HA, Bazylianska V, Recanati MA, Fite A, Liu J, Mantena N, Malek MH, Podgorski I, Heath EI, Vaishnav A, Edwards BF, Grossman LI, Sanderson TH, Lee I, Huttemann M, Tissue-specific regulation of cytochrome c by post-translational modifications: respiration, the mitochondrial membrane potential, ROS, and apoptosis, FASEB J., 2018.
  • Recanati MA, Du H, Kramer KJ, Huttemann M, Welch RA, Antisense Techniques Provide Robust Decrease in GnRH Receptor Expression with Minimal Cytotoxicity in GT1-7 Cells, Sys Biol. Reprod Med., Accepted 2018
  • Recanati MA, Kramer KJ, Chao CR, Cantharidin is superior to trichloroacetic acid for the treatment of nonmucosal genital warts: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Clin. Exp. Obstet. Gynecol. 45:3, 2018.
  • Welch RA, Recanati MA, Welch KC, Shaw MK, Maternal serum LPCAT1 also correlates with the lamellar body count, JPMed Feb 2017.
  • Recanati MA, An Intern Faces the Tragedy of a Maternal Death, EC Gynaecology 2.1 (2015): 123-125
  • Recanati MA, Agnihotri AK, White JK, Titus J, Torchiana DF. Optimization of Vessel Orientation for Robotic Coronary
  • Artery Bypass Grafting, Heart Surg Forum. 2005; 8(1): E9-18.
  • Agnihotri AK, Recanati MA, White JK, Titus J, Fischer JI, Schon J, Torchiana DF, Continuous Addition of Adenosine Using a Micropump System Improves Warm Whole Blood Cardioplegia, Heart Surg. Forum 2003;6(4):264-72           
  • Recanati MA, A.K. Agnihotri, J.K. White, D.F. Torchiana, Endoscopic Coronary Manipulator a facilitating tool for thoracoscopic bypass surgery, CIMIT Funding Proposal, March 2003.           
  • Recanati MA, White JK, Titus J, Agnihotri AK, Torchiana DF, Endoscopic Multivessel CABG Using Automated Device for Proximal Anastomosis, Heart Surg. Forum. 2003; 6(6): E80-4.

Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Recanati MA, Downregulation of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor Using Antibiotics and Antisense Techniques in GT1-7 Cells, Doctorate Research, August 1999.
  • Recanati MA, Design of an Air Gap Armature for the MIT Superconducting Generator, Master's thesis, May 1994.
  • Recanati MA, Proposal for Funding for the MIT Superconducting Generator, US Dept of Energy, June 1993.
  • Recanati MA, Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy, UROP Project, July 1991.
  • Recanati MA, Manufacturing Techniques for Scanning Tunneling Microscope Needles, Bachelor's Thesis, May 1991.